Fantastic cover for my bus pass

Hi guys,

A quick update to say that I’ve just received these oyster card holders in the post this morning from Stray Decor.

IMG_0500 IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0504

I’ve pretty impressed with how good the designs are and the quality of the print, they seem to hold my oyster card nicely in the wallet. Plus there is room for cash too!

I know there are a few different companies out there that you can use to get custom oyster card wallets but these seem to be the best i’ve seen to date.

More updates soon I promise!

Back to Black

Many moons ago, before I started this blog, I use to call home in black. Many people assumed it had been because I wasn’t as more comfortable with myself, as I now am, and there might be just a little element of reality to that, but truthfully 90% of it had been that I simply LOVE black. It is the effortlessly chic, it could be brightened up with a brilliant scarf, bright accessories and lip. I think black especially amongst plus size women gets a bad reputation. Now do not get me wrong, there is a lot I can’t stand about black in certain designs, and cuts but if you are ever having a negative day, where nothing looks anyway decent on you Black will be your saviour!


Black comes in a wide variety of forms. I really like Black leather, Black Faux Fur and Black Sequins! It’s all about consistency for me personally! I really like rocking a Leather skater skirt, and sheer t-shirt with a blazer. To completed off the look, I’ll put in a statement necklace and a solid, bold lip and you will be ready to stone! Another easy outfit will be a pretty skater gown, toss on a Faux Fur Gilet over it, and rock a trilby hat for a stylish Autumn look! I really like Floral crowns, and won’t allow fact that it’s Winter cease me from putting on them! I really like the ones from Rock’n'Rose which black one is divine! Hopefully Mammy is scanning this, and will get it for my Birthday celebration ;) I actually found a striking High-Low top from Yours Clothes ( Don’t forget you may get £10 off your 1st order making use of “Blogger 9″ at checkout!). I bought it quite a few sizes up, It is the perfect best for my times off, when all I really do is catch up with buddies or hit the shops!It also comes in an array of colours, and I’m definitely heading to get the grey, day arrives when pay! I really like wearing it with wet appearance leggings, and my black On the Knee boots and a good chunky scarf. It’s incredibly simple, and I’m all snuggled up and cosy!

I really like adding silver accents to dark. I used to be even more of a gold gal, but silver offers been creeping through to me, more and even more! I really like stacking multiple rings, and also twice layering them with midi bands. I just love the look and feel quite cool for once, I’m not likely to lie! Paired with a slouchy jumper, ankle grazer jeans and a set of Brogues, I sense like I should be going out in Brick Lane 24/7. Primark, Miss Selfridge and Topshop are my favourite shops for nice necklaces at the moment. Primark would probably be my favourite,they’re dirt inexpensive, and they’ve seriously in leaps and bounds and each and every time I go within, I’m amazed with the brand new bits in. At the brief moment, they’re limited edition selection is absolutely gorgeous, so good I’m thinking of wearing one of these to my cousin’s wedding following weekend. Another way to wear black is of course with sequins. I’m an enormous fan of sequins, and wear them all year round. This particular one from Wallis is absolutely stunning, and I’m hoping to get it for my Birthday celebration! It’s so fairly, and I understand I’d get so much put on our of it. For £99 it is a great little Coat, and I know I’d use it to dying. As there’s black inside it, there’s endless options of everything you could put on this with. A Simple whitened tee, a skater skirt which jacket would look as good just like you glammed it up for a particular date with your girls!

My Monday Thoughts

I’m a perfectionist, inquire anyone. I’m confident I’ve a mild situation of OCD, but that’s for a later date. I’ve lost countless occasions, where I don’t publish photo’s because I’m unhappy with them. It might be for a number of reasons. Location, Quality, outfits.. . I understand I’m not alone but it is beginning to bother me. Perhaps that’s the reason I am writing more, and much more beauty posts. Do not get me incorrect I’m a beauty junkie as well,and I’m constantly stocking through to the most recent products, but I’m starting to loose view of why I began this website in the first place. I started it as a Plus Size Fashion Blog, but now Personally i think it’s more elegance! I’m off on holiday’s tomorrow, therefore i wished to showcase you all a fresh favourite jacket of mine! I am wearing it to death in the last short while, but haven’t liked the photo’s I’ve taken, like these.

I have no idea why, though! The outfit is loved by me, the dress was an extremely kind present from my lovely buddy Isha, and the Jacket was very kindly sent to my from Yours Clothing! I’d my eye onto it at Plus North, therefore i was so happy when I got the chance to review it! The outfit is really simple. I’m not really putting on any jewellery. This Quilted Jacket*is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. It really break the boundaries of Plus Size fashion, when i haven’t seen any jacket such as this, in any of another Plus Size merchants. The fit is great, and the jacket itself is really soft. It’s one of my preferred jackets! I’ve used this so often, and it’s got zero sign of wear, an excellent testament to Yours Clothing. I want to put a little disclaimer here though. I work quite closely with Yours Clothing, but it never changes or alters my views of the company or product. They’re an absolute enjoyment to utilize, and I’ve in no way been disappointed in the 1 . 5 years I’ve been dealing with them! If you haven’t tried them however, I really urged you to! They’ve actually expanded their sizing in a few of their clothing up to a 36! The dress Isha sent to me is absolutely amazing, and it is loved by me! It isn’t something I’d ever choose myself, but I’m so pleased she did! It’s so fairly, and looks just as nice with flats as it does with heels, and is a great differ from the black I am wearing 24/7 lately. I’ve used this on a particular date with a fitted blazer, and statement lippy and got so many compliments-so thank you Isha!

Anyway, What I’m attempting to say is I believe I’m more than critical of myself. I criticise my self for not working too much, than working hard too. When my photo’s don’t come out perfect, yada. The even more I appear at these photos the more I love them. Sure it’s not really the very best angle, sure it’s not really a full body shot, and the quality could be better, but I’m the only person who most likely zones in on that. I look happy really, and carefree. I love my grin, as my da states, I’d want to for all your money he allocated to braces! I’m off right now for weekly of Winter Sun, I’ve lots of thinking to do, therefore i hope I could clear my mind for a brand new start. I’ll take clothing photo’s when I’m aside to get back to the swing of point, and I’m excited. Since it was a final minute Holiday, and the truth that I’m broke there is nothing new but I don’t believe I’ve dug these outfit’s out in an extended, long time so you will most likely not even remember! Anyway, I’m going to be publishing over there, if the Wi-fi is worthwhile, so hopefully I’ll talk with you soon!

The Transitional Blazer, beat the great british weather

The Great British Weather. At this time of year, it’s safe to state that it’s going to worsen before it gets much better. But, with the first day of spring and the prospect of brighter days just two months away, this leaves us in a rather tricky style spot. Do I buy more wintery clothes to keep me warm through freezing February? Or do I fill up for spring on those lovely new season ranges? The solution, lovely readers, may be the trusty transitional wardrobe; pieces that can be worn now with woolly knits then peeled back as temperatures rise. Which leads us perfectly onto arguably probably the most versatile of transitional items: the blazer.

One blazer. 3 ways to wear.

From winter to spring, night day to, the blazer is really a must-have basic to construct your lifestyle around. While bold-toned blazers provide this menswear-inspired item an on-trend twist, black and white styles will never fall out of fashion favour. We’ve taken among our preferred blazers from the Just Be selection and created three distinctive looks to get you from time of year to season in style.

Laidback layers

Cute cami’s are Spring/Summer time ‘14s darling, especially those that keep the grunge flame burning. Layer a feminine gown with masculine separates for an area of ‘90s-inspired androgynous chic.


Odd Web Trolls

Over the last two times, on two different plus size Facebook webpages,that each websites featured two of the lovely Blogger friends on the Facebook pages, plus some comments are less to be desired. As a personal confessed social media marketing addict, I’m continuously trawling through Facebook, And Instagram twitter. I find social media marketing fantastic for connecting with like minded individuals, and have met some fantastic inspiring ladies through it. I’ve needless to say like most Bloggers possess encountered the odd web troll, but that is included with the territory and to be honest it’s something that now explains my head, and I would strongly advise others to do the same. I’ve learnt the hard method, that you will never win a struggle with Internet trolls. You might defeat one, but they’re will be even more idiotic, uneducated moron’s that you should not waste your breathe on. It is a sad fact about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, but it’s one most of us need to expect. As an advantage size Blogger, a lot of the time the negative comments are to do with your weight, in the past I’ve usually naively assumed it had been coming from a person who wasn’t overweight, who simply wished to place other’s down about something, that didn’t affect them straight.

However in the last while I’ve noticed an alarming switch in the web trolls. These trolls aren’t these “picture perfect” ladies I’d foolishly assumed had been the bullies, a lot of them in fact are also plus size. They’re normal individuals who themselves are overweight. Community already tells overweight women they can’t wear certain clothing, but still look good (alongside million and one other activities) and It certainly bother’s me that various other plus size women trust this. Not only trust this, but try to reinforce it onto some other plus size women who wish to get away from those rules and desire to rock whatever they bloody nicely feel like. I know not everyone is as confident and daring as some other women, and that’s okay! Variety may be the spice of existence, and you’re eligible for wear a swimsuit, just as much as I’m eligible for wear a bikini. Nevertheless what’s not alright, is letting these ladies know, that they don’t belong to the categories that you are feeling is suitable for plus size ladies. All you need to accomplish is look on the Just Be, Yours Clothing and Evans Facebook pages, and you will see what I’m discussing. Just about any single time they include a Blogger “modelling” their clothing, there is a string of awful entire body shaming comments, from some other plus size women. Each one of these brands, they do delete a lot of them, plus they try their hardest to avoid like negativity, but it’s inevitable, that some will slide through the nets. I’m simply so baffled onto why ladies who have probably received some criticism about the look of them in the past, project such negatively onto similar women wilfully.

The only real obvious reason is these women aren’t comfortable and confident in themselves, and believe precisely what the mainstream media tells them about plus dimension women. That overweight ladies are only “fat”, “lazy”, “unattractive” (I possibly could go on, and on). Nevertheless, does that provide them the right to tear another woman down, inform them publicly that this article of clothes they’re confidently and happily putting on “Doesn’t do anything on her behalf” and will be “Awful”? I don’t believe so. Nothing gives somebody the right to tear someone’s self-confidence down, purely because it isn’t something you’d personally wear.We wonder how they might they sense, if the tables were reversed? A lot of it more than likely comes down to a deep rooted insecurity within themselves. A lot of us forget, that just because we are all happy with ourselves, not really everyone is, plus some other plus size ladies are crippled with this insecurity and self hate. This of course is not any excuse for his or her bullying tactics, nevertheless, you can at least try to sympathise with them. They will have no self-confidence or self-confidence and can’t grasp the idea of other women, embracing their health and sticking the center finger up at community. I understand myself, there’s something’s I wouldn’t be confident putting on, but I’d be influenced by other women that are brave plenty of and would applaud their courage. Because you’re not comfy wearing something, doesn’t imply you have to spread your insecurity to those that do. What I find almost all upsetting, is these ladies don’t see anything wrong using what they’re saying. The one thing, we can do is merely keep becoming ourselves and hopefully we’ll motivate more ladies to come out of the box.

I find a lot of the time people see Bloggers, and put them through to these imaginary pedestals. They see them posting pictures online,showcasing different looks from various brands and the feel just like they have the proper to remark on it. Many people are entitled to their very own opinion and I am aware everyone’s taste is different, but that still gives no one the right to comment in such a negative and detrimental way. Blogger’s are normal girls, there is nothing special about us! They will have feelings and 9/10 it is a pastime for them, not a working job. Yes they’re consenting grownups, and post photos of themselves on the internet, but that nevertheless doesn’t give anyone the proper to tear them aside and be crucial of what they’re putting on, and how they;re putting on it. When Blogger’s are presented on these Facebook webpages, we’re showing the way the garment fits on various bodies, so we’re actually performing them a favour. I hardly understand, that if they don’t just like the garment, don’t purchase it! Everyone different tastes again, and choice, and like I stated you’re entitled to it, stop this disgusting entire body snark just.

Winter Coat Ideas

Now it’s getting really cold I’ve been looking for a new winter coat, here’s some of the ones that I’ve considered:

Zara: Short Double Breasted Overcoat



I love the bold scarlet colour of this coat, it’s going to really stand out in the crowd. I might go for this one as a formal coat.

Next Naxy Hooded Duffle Coat



I’m loving the toogles on this one, so definitely something to consider, this one will go especially well with the stripy clothing that I have.

Oasis Ellie Faux Fur Lined Parka



This is the final one I’ve been considering, mainly because of the fact it’s faux fur which I’ve seen a lot of people wearing!

Which coat should I get? Let me know :)


Great New Bespoke Bag Anyone?

I’ve just seen that Fendi has realised a new bag which has been described as “lust-worth arm candy”. Apparently Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Kate Bosworth and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing it.

The name of this new bag? The Fendi Selleria Intrecciate, I have to be honest this is an absolutely beautiful bag and I’d love to own one! Each of the bags have the name of the owner on them, so very bespoke in their design!

If you’re interested Fendi and sort you out with one for £1,100 each! Probably cheaper to buy one!


Boots, Coats and Winter

Look at me, blogging like normal away! It feels great to be back, and I’m taking advantage of this small blogging spurt! Hope you do not get sick of me! I wore this the other day, playing around doing some errands. It back feels good to be, doing what I love! Some things are a bit cloudy at the moment, so I would like to concentrate on this space and try to make it the greatest it can possible be. That is my number one enthusiasm ,and I hate becoming slack with it. If you are a blogger yourself you understand the pressure to article/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram continuously so it is nice to of had just a little break. With Xmas nearby, I’m really hoping to accomplish as much as I could, while I’ve the time, mainly because let’s hope in the brand new Year they will be big changes around right here!
I got the dress from Asos for my Birthday last month, and absolutely love it. It is the perfect dress for playing around, and you can dress it up too! It’s got pretty 3/4 size sleeves, and I understand I said in my own last outfit article I hated 3/4 size sleeves, but that one has a small frill, therefore i have made just a little exception. The print is loved by me, and how transitional it really is. It’s going to become in the same way nice for Spring since it is for this Winter season. I’ve a whole wardrobe filled with floral gowns but there’s something just a little special concerning this one here. They have it both in the main range and in the Curve range, and I opted for the primary range. The 16 is a really nice fit, and it’s really not too loose, nor tight too. Asos are definitely the best website their is! There is absolutely no competition, and they’re never likely to be beat, and even though I’ve my favourite Plus Dimension retailers Asos will be number one!

In Ireland it’s absolutely Baltic, and I predict snow any day now. I’ve been overall warm, which jacket from Penney’s is now a life saver.I hardly ever really think of Penney’s for high quality, but this coating has been fantastic. I acquired it for €35 by the end of September and it’s shown to be very the handy quantity. It’s going a pleasant fur hood, and looks far more expensive in my opinion! It keeps me nice and toasyt, whether I’m walking to function, or travelling town. I’m a coating hoarder and have too many to count, but I’m incredibly pleased with this inclusion to my Winter wardrobe. Right now the only problem has been Penney’s/Primark will be that everyone and their Mom is likely to own it. I has been in Dundrum, the other day and saw three people in the space of an hour rocking it. They had it really casually, so I’m glad I combined mine with a fairly dress!

I paired the fairly floral dress, and coating with Biker boots that We found for €20 in Penney’s, week last. I absolutely Like them. This season I’ve become really into shoes, and love all of the ankle boots in every the stores. Penney’s is my first slot of call though, because the prices are actually unbeatable. I’ve worn these infants to absolute death during the last few days. They’re so comfy and quite simple to put on. I thought they’d be large, and clunky to wear however they don’t clunk at all. I made a decision to pair it with a fairly floral gown to toughen up the appearance. I think the boots can look equally as good with rolled up jens and an over-sized jumper for a far more rock chic look.


Penney’s have already been absolutely fantastic this season, and time upon time they’re arriving up trumps. 1 / 2 of my wardrobe this season will be from them, and the product quality will be on par with famous brands Topshop. I intend to wear the gown with a fitted blazer, and a pair of black wedges for more of a night time dressy look along with a statement necklace! To complete this entire look I went for a few Lilac lipstick as y’all understand how much I love to coordinate!

Trimmed Fur Biker Jacker

Now that Winter is in full swing, I thought I’d demonstrate one of the coats I am wearing non-stop. This coating is ideal for me. It’s not too much time, has pleather sleeves and fur on the collar, and I LOVE it. It’s so incredibly comfy and there’s a lot of room to move inside it, around the arms especially.With Winter coats, you would like to make sure there’s a lot of space in the arms, as otherwise they’re not so useful or comfortable. It reminds me of a Biker Jacket, but a more stylish and classic version. the main section of the jacket is really a Boucle impact, and is good and snuggly if it is this cold outside! On 1st inspection of the coat, I was pleasantly surprised with the weight of it, it’s quite heavy, and after wearing it for a number of really cold days, I can safely say I was as snug as a bug in a rug! Simply Be are quite consistent with their quality. Almost all their clothing I’ve tried have already been exceptionally good quality, which is no different. I’ve several longer line coats,and I honestly prefer this one, as you are not tugging at yourself once you sit down, and the jacket is been pulled down. The Fur on the collar is my favourite part is so nice and fluffy and not itchy or uncomfortable, and is actually surprisingly soft! It’s nice to possess something around your throat, as it’s where you are feeling the cold the most, from your head apart. I have a gorgeous Dark fur hat, and I cannot wait to put them on together in the run around Christmas.


If you’re on the appearance out for a good coat, I’d definitely head to Simple Be, they’ve great choice, and you’re bound to get something you love, for the budget! I am wearing this Jacket for two weeks now, and It’s one of my favourites. I’m a hoarder with regards to Coats, and have quite a few I love, from this year and my previous years. But I must say, I am reaching for this one, over them all this past week. It goes with the majority of my outfits, and it can be easily dressed up, or down. The Sleeves certainly are a perfect size as well, not too long and not to short, so it’s an ideal excuse to obtain a cute couple of gloves right now to compliment it perfectly! With Coats costing more, and more these full days, this one at under €100 is really a bargain. It’s great high quality, and I would suggest it to anyone searching for a stylish Winter Coating, that will keep them toasty and good this Winter.